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Bullying Awareness

Blue is for School Bullying Awareness....ENGAGE, EDUCATE and INSPIRE!Like us on Facebook

Raising awareness will change attitudes! Motivate others to care about the cause! Creating a culture that no longer accepts bullying will make schools and communities safer for all of us. The following awareness items can help you start the discussion about how everyone can help prevent bullying.

What is bullying?

Bullying is when a person or group tries to hurt or control another person. There are lots of different kinds of bullying, and they all hurt. Sometimes bullying means hitting, kicking, pushing, shoving, or making someone do something they don’t want to do. Sometimes bullying is using mean words or threats, calling someone names, or saying bad things behind their back. Bullying can even mean making someone feel unsafe or scared, leaving them out of games, or making them feel that they’re not important. Bullying can be verbal, physical, social (ignoring or leaving someone out on purpose), and also involve cyberbullying (being bullied through the Internet).

Gold Trimmed Bullying Awareness Ribbon Pin

These pins are made from durable jewelers
metal with a rich enamel finish and gold trim.
Prices range from $1.89 to $.79 each.
Deluxe Bullying Awareness Ribbon Pin

These pins are made from durable jewelers
metal with a rich enamel finish.
Prices range from $2.49 to $1.29 each.
Metallic Plastic Awareness Ribbon Pin

These pins are more stylized with the metallic,
textured finish but are still very affordable.

Prices range from $.65 to $.22 each.

Plastic Awareness Ribbon Pin

Our economical Plastic Awareness Pins have
gold painted trim and a military clutch pin.

Prices range from $.59 to $.19 each.

Satin Awareness Ribbon

These satin ribbons are available with
either a safety pin or tape.
Prices range from $.39 to $.20 each.

"How to Deal with Bullying"
Coloring Book

Kids take action against with helpful
tips and advice on dealing with bullies.

Prices range from $.62 to $.39

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Safety Whistle: Fox 40
Minimum Qty Price: $1.79
Safety Whistle: Fox 40
The Fox 40 P4 Safety Whistle can be heard omni-directional in a range as far as a mile. This is a serious safety whistle, making a 90db high volume blast. Prices range from $1.79 to $1.39 each.
Stock Safety Whistles
Minimum Qty Price: $2.29
Stock Safety Whistles
Our Stock Safety Whistle features a two-chamber design that emits a distinct, penetrating sound. Choose from our white whistle with the text "End Sexual Violence Now" or Blue Whistle with "Be Alert Be Safe Be Heard". Prices range from $2.29 to $1.49.
Stock Pencil: "No Excuse For Abuse" and "You Are Not Alone"
Minimum Qty Price: $0.69
Stock Pencil: "No Excuse For Abuse" and "You Are Not Alone"
Our Stock Pencils are available in Blue with the saying "No Excuse For Abuse" or Teal with "You Are Not Alone". Prices range from .69 to .24 each depending on quantity ordered.
Reflective Awareness Ribbon Stickers
Minimum Qty Price: $0.69
Reflective Awareness Ribbon Stickers
Reflective Awareness Ribbon Stickers are custom imprinted with your organizations message. Prices range from .69 to .39 depending on how many you buy.
Recycled Pencils: Newsprint
Minimum Qty Price: $0.29
Recycled Pencils: Newsprint
These Recycled Pencils are made from recycled newsprint and are available as shown. Prices range from $.29 to $.22 each.
Pencils: Foil Awareness Ribbons
Minimum Qty Price: $0.39
Pencils: Foil Awareness Ribbons
Our #2 wood pencil is accented with Metallic Foil Awareness Ribbons.Standard production time is 2 weeks. Prices range from .39 to .27 each.
Round Pencils
Minimum Qty Price: $0.27
Round Pencils
These Round Pencils are the #1 selling wood pencil and are available in #2 or #2-1/2 graphite lead. Prices range from .27 to .21 each.
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