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Spirit Gear
Promote your school or team on promotional products that help your fans show their support!
New Products!
Looking for something different? Here are some hot new items!
Silicone Bracelets
Show support for your team with these popular silicone awareness bracelets!
Awareness Ribbons
Raise awareness of important causes by selling awareness ribbon pins and use the money to support local charities.
Bags and Totes
From Totes to Backpacks - Quality, affordable bag choices
Drinkware and Coolers
Water Bottles, Can Koozies and Plastic Cups
Indoor and Outdoor Magnets
Easy to distribute and useful, pens are perfect for getting your message across
Decals and Bumper Stickers are a great way to promote your fundraisers.
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Safety Plug Covers
Minimum Qty Price: $0.35
Safety Plug Covers
Plastic Safety Plugs cover electrical outlets and keep your business or organizations logo visible.
Safety Whistle: Fox 40
Minimum Qty Price: $2.60
Safety Whistle: Fox 40
The Fox 40 P4 Safety Whistle can be heard omni-directional in a range as far as a mile. This is a serious safety whistle, making a 90db high volume blast.
Rubberized Sunglasses
Minimum Qty Price: $1.31
Rubberized Sunglasses
Rubberized Sunglasses are made of recycled material and make a fun, inexpensive give-away for outdoor events.
Bandage Dispenser
Minimum Qty Price: $0.74
Bandage Dispenser
Help fix life’s little cuts and scrapes with our handy bandage dispenser. Containing 5 latex free bandages.
Essentials First Aid Kit
Minimum Qty Price: $1.19
Essentials First Aid Kit
Perfect for on the go- our kit has just the essentials you need. Small size makes it ideal for pocket, handbag or briefcase.
Date Rape Test Cards: 2 Test Kit
Minimum Qty Price: $1.68
Date Rape Test Cards: 2 Test Kit
DrinkSafe Technologies® Date Rape Test Cards. Detects GHB and Ketamine! Our DR5 test kit has two tests per strip and comes in an individually wrapped package with your imprint in the center.
Date Rape Test Cards: 10 Test Kit
Minimum Qty Price: $8.62
Date Rape Test Cards: 10 Test Kit
DrinkSafe Technologies® Date Rape Test Cards. Our DR1.5 test kit has 5 cards with two tests per strip (can test 10 drinks) and comes in an individually wrapped package with your imprint in the center.
Malibu Sunglasses
Minimum Qty Price: $2.38
Malibu Sunglasses
These stylish sunglasses are made of a durable polycarbonate and the UV400 lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. and make a fun,give-away for outdoor events.
Fun Spinner
Minimum Qty Price: $1.01
Fun Spinner
Fun Spinners spin between thumb and middle finger and is perfect for reducing stress and boredom. Mix and match base and cap colors.
Minimum Qty Price: $2.21
Just push the Beach-Nik™ cone into the ground, sand or soft surface to stand upright. Works great to hold drinks, wallet, keys, cell phones etc.
Date Rape Test Coaster
Minimum Qty Price: $1.65
Date Rape Test Coaster
DrinkSafe Technologies® Date Rape Test Coasters. Detects GHB and Ketamine! Our DR4 test coaster has two tests and has your imprint on side with test and instructions on the back.
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